The Course of Bridal Hair Training

Hair Styles created by Mandy Liento for Covers of the "Contemporary Bride Magazine"
New York and New Jersey issues throughout 2012-2013

The 9-month course experience will consist of styling exercises, lectures and discussions, along with hands on experience assisting at real wedding day events. You will gain knowledge of business standards, policies, procedures, and up to date professional techniques.

The Expert Bridal Hair Course will build your self-esteem and pave the way to successfully obtain security in a rewarding profession. Included in this 9-month program is a styled photo shoot including a professional photographer, access to a full day in studio, models, dresses and accessories to showcase in your portfolio. This portfolio is what every hairstylist needs to head start your career and showcase your work to potentials clients and future employers. You will receive a 15-page start up portfolio with full photo rights to start your career along with the foundation of working side by side with a leading bridal hair stylist. For course specifications and pricing details, please contact Mandy directly via email:
COURSE NAME:    Expert Bridal Hair Course

  • One on one workshop with owner of La Sorella Bridal Mandy Liento
  • Styling exercises using mannequin and real life models
  • Knowledge of the newest professional techniques
  • Lecture and Discussion
  • Experience assisting at real weddings
  • Knowledge of business standards, policy and procedures
  • In studio photo shoot experience
  • 15 page start up portfolio with full photo rights to begin your business. Photos will be presented on CD for the student to add to online social media outlets
The objective of this course is to train and teach the student formal styling to be used in different aspects of the hairstyling field such as… bridal, editorial, film and tv.

A course certificate will be obtained upon completion of the course

DURATION:    9 months

PREREQUISITES:    Cosmetology License

MATERIALS:    (Optional) Materials are either purchased directly by the student OR will be provided for the student. This will include a fee if items are purchased through the instructor.

FEES / PAYMENT SCHEDULE:    Upon signing up for the course: $2,000
Month four: $2,000
Month seven: $1,000

The Total Investment: $5,000

(Payment includes all costs associated with the photographer such as the 7-hour studio space for your end of the course photo shoot session as well as your 15 edited photos. Payment also includes 4-6 models, use of wedding gowns, jewelry and accessories. ) Payment is accepted in Cash or Personal Check Only

Understanding that each student has different needs, objectives and business plans Mandy will have a full consultation with each candidate interested in the program. During the interview Mandy will determine the level of the student at that time. Depending on the students past experience and level of expertise the course may be adjusted to fit that individual's needs. Pricing may differ and possibly will be lesser of a cost for those with more experience.

There is also the option for participants to choose to have Mandy assist in building them a portfolio ( without purchasing the complete course ) which will allow the student to take advantage of the photographer, studio and also the Photo Shoot session models, dresses and accessories leading to the start of the 15 page start up portfolio.

*** Each student interested in the portfolio / photo shoot ONLY would need to have their skills assessed by Mandy before being accepted.

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